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one word: mold.

My roommate and I have had a lot of issues with our apartment ever since we moved in. First, it wasn't cleaned thoroughly before we took over the lease and had to get our landlord to get someone in to clean. Then, there were a lot of broken things that we needed him to fix. Then, there was the noise. The insulation between our ceiling and our upstairs neighbors' floor is almost nonexistent. I can hear every single footstep they make, every time they drop something, what they're watching on TV... I can even hear a phone vibrate through their floor. It's ridiculous and interferes with my sleep and studying.

And now we have mold. Apparently, there is not sufficient ventilation in my roommate's closet because there is now mold growing on almost all her shoes and some of her clothing. Not only that, but the mold has also presented itself on a pair of feather earrings that were not anywhere near the closet.





Her blazer.

Feather earrings.

Absolutely disgusting, right? So that's property damage right there. Plus, Vanessa's not even sleeping in her room anymore because we're worried about the possible health problems of breathing in the mold. So obviously we can't live here anymore. We emailed our landlord last night asking to be released from our lease and he called Vanessa today basically saying that it was our responsibility to keep the apartment ventilated and that we should be thankful that he's even trying to fix the problem. Fuck that. No. We're not staying here. So now that it's apparent that he's not just going to let us break the lease, we have to get creative. Luckily, Vanessa's coworker's mom is a lawyer and is actually working on an apartment mold case and she says that she'll definitely be able to get us out. Also, my dad's been calling mold companies down here and my mom has been researching our renters rights. We're also looking at a new apartment tomorrow, just in case.

But seriously, we're moving out. I don't care what we have to do.
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that's so grossssssssssss. that seriously sucks. hopefully neither of you will get sick from that. but it's awesome that you're getting help from all these people! helpful people rule.
Holy shit, that is disgusting. I hope you guys manage to get out of there ASAP.
Your landlord is absolutely terrible. I hope you win any and all cases against him.
Ugh, Linds, that totally blows. If I were you, I'd go straight to the city and tell them you have major mold issues and a landlord who has offered little to no assistance.

As a renter you have rights and the guy needs to adhere. Plus, he could be breaking some city health codes as well. I say go around your landlord and take it straight up to the city of Long Beach.
Ew! That's actually detrimental to your health, so technically, the landlord should be taking the responsibility here. Good luck!